JARSKI is a project developed by Michał Jarski, showcasing most of his projects. The website’s aim is to present his works and provide potential partners with contact information. Examples of projects worked on by Michal are available in the Portfolio section of this website.

Short story

JARSKI started out in 2013 as MJDesign. The initial project was a spin-off of an earlier website called MJStudios, which itself was discontinued a year later. MJDesign from the beginning was designed to be a portfolio project, and at that point was hosted under an art domain. Fast-forward three years, and MJDesign's website was completely redesigned. Back then, the logo was also slightly updated. Since then, the website had a couple of small redesigns to keep it looking modern.

Big changes were coming in 2021. The project was renamed to JARSKI, and the website was fully updated, accompanied by a logo refresh. The most important design and content features of the earlier page were retained. Years of small changes and updates have finally resulted in the current form of this website.

About Michał Jarski

Picture of Michal Jarski

Michał is an undergraduate student of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. Most of the programming projects that can be found in the Portfolio section were developed during his time in the studies, some of which were for the fulfillment of course requirements. For further information on Michał and his background, please refer to his private website.