How to play

So far there are three ways in which you can make the game playable

  1. If you feel like a coding master, you can download the source code and start it in IntelliJ IDEA (or other IDE of your choice, or vim, or just Notepad)
  2. If you like downloading ready-to-use (beta) software, go ahead and find the newest release (with a JAR executable) here.
  3. If you are more of a command-line player, there's also a version of game for that, but it requires downloading the source code (and running

If you chose option # 3

Good luck! Remember that the standard accepted command to place the piece is letter+number, identifying the field in the game board (eg. e4).

Further development

If you would like to give any remarks or help by contributing, feel free to!

This repository allows pushing and pulling freely, but I highly recommend making a fork and submitting merge requests (since that allows for a smoother software development process).

Final remarks

This is a beta software and as such is not free of glitches. I tried to remove most of the bugs, but the game is far from being in its final shape.

See the repository on GitHub