1. Game board
  2. Goal
  3. Game rules
  4. Changelog

Game board

ChessART board is a standard chessboard: they differ only in the composition of chessmans.
The game figures and pawns are eliminated with each have their own names, what has been done to enliven the game.

Below are two playgrounds. The first (from the left) is the standard playground, and the other is a playground with promotion fields marked.



Game’s goal is to get the king to promotion field associated with the player’s color (red for black and green for white).

Game rules

Soldiers (pawns) are used to lock your opponent’s moves. They can move in toward the center of your board.
If two soldiers walking in one direction, misses with a soldier walked in the second, the middle soldier can change the movement direction.
A soldier can be killed only if it is surrounded on all four sides (exceptions are bounds checkerboard pattern).
All soldiers are Army.

Other chessmans are of three types:
a) Blocking figures: the Queen, Retinue (Bishops) and Messengers (Towers)
b) Destroyers: Two Destroyers (Knights)
c) Promotional figures: King

a)The Queen, Retinue and Messengers are Manor and have to lock your opponent’s troops movements.
Manor House can stand on fields that have been checked out by their Soldiers (one Courtier on one field), which is not possible for a hostile Manor (lock).

b) Destroyers have to sow havoc in the ranks of enemy’s Army and Manor.
They can’t really kill soldiers, however, are quite hills and can help you surround the enemy.
This is the only Chessman, which can weigh up to King’s life, however, when it kills him, it brings about a tie.

c) King has the task to be on one of the two promotion fields intended for his color.
Army and Manor are about to help to reach your goal, while enemy’s Destroyers and soldiers are to prevent you doing it.

Final Provisions:
Soldiers are heavily armed and move slow. They may carry out only one field in the round.
Manor has prestige and allows you to perform two movements, however, they may not be the movements of the same figure.
King is comprehensive and may not stand on a field that is already taken by a soldier, because there is not enough place for him.


[Version 1.0.1]
What’s new:
The King can’t move on field, which is already taken by Soldier
Added game features